New York is Love!

December 12, 2017

Ohh New York, why are you so magical and inviting. I have loved New York ever since I visited the city first time and I will continue to love it no matter. Every winter there's that thought that "ohh its so cold and we should move to warmer state" but then New York just pulls me back. And I miserably fail at breaking its spell on me. Nothing beats the NYC's spirit and magic, even more so during the Christmas magic.

So we went to NYC a week before snowfall to see the Christmas cheer, hoping that it would be less crowded since Christmas is still a little away and we were proved so wrong. It almost looked like we came on the Christmas eve itself. And we were able to cover so little, due to the fact that we had a toddler in tow.

We still want to see a lot and will get back soon to see the Christmas cheer and holiday lights. In the meantime enjoy the pics.

The Oculus
North Pool
Inside the Oculous

Giant Ornaments across Radio City

Giant Holiday Lights

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