Allure October 2017 Beauty Box

November 27, 2017

Happy thanksgiving all😊 I know it's a little (well I guess a lot) late but I was so busy this past week that I didn't get a chance to even open my Mac. We are moving luckily within 30 mins of our current abode, but apartment hunting, finalizing, packing a bit and completing some important things before we move, is what ate up most of my time this past week. 

I received my Allure October beauty box late November and about a week after I have received my November box. The disappointment was that I didn't receive the Tarte blush for which I was so excited about. I emailed the customer care at allure and surprisingly got a reply within 24 hours. They confirmed that it will be emailed soon, so hopefully I will have it with me soon. I liked all of the things which I received in the box. The Pantene foam conditioner is hidden in the black bag and I forgot to take it out before taking a pic 😐

Here goes the pics. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving week. Have a lovely night and watch out for a DIY coming soon. 


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