Winter is Coming!

October 26, 2017

Ohh yeah! Finally we saw a hint of cold weather. Its late this year but yes finally its here. The fall this year has been particularly warm, much warmer than last year and the winter prediction for the east coast happens to be warmer for this year. Well, that sounds good, ain't it?

Onset of winter for me brings Diwali, for which I wait all year long and then Christmas, another one of my favorite festivals with beautiful decorations and lights all along. But it also brings winter blues for some people. If not people, then certainly for our skin!

It brings me winter skin and it is the most common skin condition for almost everyone in winters (yes even oily skin can suffer). Here are the common causes for dry chapped skin in winters and what we can do to help relieve the symptoms.

  • Cold dry winter weather - The main culprit for the dry skin conditions is the cold and dry winter weather. The humidity is low during winter months and our skin loses moisture much more quickly. The best thing to do is to protect your skin from harsh winter winds with protective clothing and use a rich moisturizing lotion to lock skin's moisture in. I started using "Hyaluronic acid" a month back and have had amazing results. Its has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water. It holds moisture to the skin without blocking the pores. But it should be atleast 1% for you to see any notable effects on your skin (read here). The added plus is that it can boost collagen production which helps in reducing the signs of aging. For best results apply it to wet face or add a bit of water to it when applying. Your skin will thank you 😊
Our backyard January 2016
  • Hot Showers - Everyone loves hot water soaks and showers during winter season to beat the chill. They can help to relive stress, open up the nasal passage and induce sleep, but they can also be harmful to the skin. It rips your skin of natural oils making it dry, causing redness, itching and even rashes. Instead of long hot showers take shorter (5-10 min) luke-warm showers and try avoiding soaking. After shower pat dry the skin with towel instead of rubbing.
Image Credits: Geoffrey Fairchild
  • Using Soaps - Soaps strip away skin's natural oils. They contain harsh chemicals such as lye which can irritate dry skin further. Try a non-soapy cleanser like a cleansing oil and moisturizing body wash.
  • Heating at home - Heating at home drops the humidity levels at drastically. It can, not only cause dry skin. but also a lot of other problems, like itchy eyes, irritated throats and sinuses. Invest in a good humidifier. Make it your best friend this winter when indoors. Read more here.
Image Credits: Air-O-Swiss
  • Not moisturizing enough - Moisturizing is the key, so invest in a good moisturizing cream and not for just the face but also the body. People tend to skip using body lotions (I used to do that).  Dry skin can get itchy, red, flaky and even cracks can appear. If this does happen avoid scratching at all costs. It will only make the situation worse. Use a moisturizer instead and moisturize as frequently as you want.
  • Exfoliate - Dead old skin cells makes the skin look dull, rough and dry. They can also clog skin pores causing excess oil production and acne. So its even more so important to exfoliate the dry dead layer of skin in winters than in summers. Exfoliating will leave your skin soft and supple. Exfoliation not only removes dead skin cells from the skin surface but also increases the effectiveness of moisturizers. Exfoliate at least twice a week with non-abrasive scrubs. I prefer Body Shop's Vitamin C peel. It has gel like consistency and no abrasive ingredients. It works really well for me and takes only 20 secs. 

See you soon

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